What Is a Health and Life Coach?

What is a health coach? Who needs one and why?


I’m Kelli Risse, certified health and life coach and owner of Rise Up and Live Wellness. Today I’m here to talk about what the heck is a health and life coach? I was with some friends this weekend and although they know I’m a coach, they admitted they had no idea what I do.


But first, why am I telling you what a health and life coach is?


Let’s face it, life can throw us some punches. You might go to the doctor and find out for health purposes you need to make some changes in our lifestyle. You might be under a great amount of stress from work, family, finances,  and need a plan to get through this phase of life with less stress. You might find out you have a food allergy or sensitivity that require food changes. Maybe your energy is low and you need to get your mojo back at work, home, and in the bedroom. Maybe life has become so chaotic and what you’re really craving inner peace and balance.


We all want to be living the very best life we can life right now! We want to bring our A-game to our relationships, our health, our career, our finances, and our spiritual life. But are we? Are you bringing your A-game every day? Are you constantly upgrading your brain to new habits and new ways of thinking or are you stuck in the same rut or stinkin’ thinkin’?


So, what is a health and life coach?


As a I certified health and life coach from the Health Coach Institute, I provide the right system, support, and accountability for lasting change.  I help clients transform their current health, relationships, career, spirituality, and/or financial situation into their goals and dreams.


Here are a few examples of the results my clients have acheived.


One of my clients wanted a weekly structured routine that helped her be more organized and effectively manage her energy. She wanted to feel a sense of calm and control that would allow her to be present and engaged in her life so she could feel joy and a sense of satisfaction and pride. Guess what? Through our coaching sessions, she has cleared unwanted clutter from her house, organized her calendar to align with her priorities, and is present in all situations instead of worrying about what needs to be done or what has or hasn’t happened yet. She is experiencing more calmness and balance in her life.


Another client of mine was desiring to become an intuitive eater, making the best food choices that serve her body, mind and spirit to nourish, provide energy and live a fuller life. She desired to have peace within and to create change in the world that creates others to live the same full life. Through her coaching sessions, she learned which foods serve her body and mind best, how to honor her hunger and fullness and how to navigate food and alcohol at networking events and when eating out.  As a former overeater, her focus is no longer food, but enjoying the company and experience of the event  She also learned strategies to relax her parasympathetic system so her stress levels remain low. This allows her to experience more peace and calmness in her life.


Another client of mine was diagnosed with PCOS. Through our coaching sessions, she was able to handle and maintain the dietary changes necessary to heal her body, as well as incorporate self-nourishment throughout her day to keep her stress levels low. Throughout our sessions she discovered her body would not heal if she remained in a constant state of stress. She has lost weight, inches, and has a better handle on her stress and anxiety. She is more at peace, confident, happier, and proud of her accomplishments.


You see, there are many different reasons to need a health or life coach.


I like to consider myself part cheerleader and part tough-love coach. Just like your kids need a coach to help support, encourage, and hold them accountable, adults also benefit from coaches supporting, encouraging, and hold them accountable towards their goals, whether it be health, body, career, relationship, spiritual journey, or life in general.


Life and health coaching is the perfect solution if what you’ve been doing is no longer working, and you’re looking for something greater to get you where you want to go.


What do I do now?


If you are ready to transform your health or life, if you have a goal you want to achieve but are feeling stuck, then click here now to schedule a time to talk with me. This 60-minute phone conversation is focused entirely on you! To help you gain clarity and a plan.


And in case you’re wondering, I have my own health and life coach! The benefits have been outstanding!


Rise Up and Live Today!



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