You’re A Winner!

You’re a winner!


Did you know people work perfectly to produce the results they’re getting? No one is broken!


Everyone is winning the game they’re playing.


And guess what? This might be a shocker, but there ‘s also no such thing as self-sabotage.  WHAT? There was a time in my life I used to think I was the queen of self-sabotage.


If we’re playing the game of self-sabotage…getting distracted by perfectionism, our busy lives, then we are winning the game of being distracted.


If I keep telling myself “I don’t belong here,” then I’m going to focus on any and all evidence that proves that….I might stand away from everyone else, convince myself what I have to say isn’t valuable, think that other people are more special, making friends faster, getting ahead in life, while I’m somehow on the outside looking in.


Everything I do and think will prove to myself that “I don’t belong.” That is the game I’m winning.


Or if I keep telling myself, “I’m a hot mess,” then I’m going to focus on all the evidence that proves I’m a hot mess…my house may be unorganized, I might forgot to show up at an event, I live in a frenzied state of stress, develop health problems…anything to prove to myself that I am a hot mess, once again, winning at the game I’m playing.


What someone is experiencing is what they want to be experiencing.


What you are experiencing is what you want to be experiencing. You are getting something out of the game you’re playing.


The bottom line is we make the best choices available given our resources, environment, and conditioning at the time.


Healing, growth, and success are not a question of getting rid of behaviors, but rather a question of acquiring more behavioral choices.


When we have more choices and possibilities, we can begin to shift our thinking and change our behavior.


So, I invite you to consider what game are you playing and winning?


Is it a game you want to be winning?


If not, are you ready to play a new game, a different game, a game you really want to win?


What is the game you want to be playing and winning?


Let’s make that happen for you! One of my favorite things to do is a discovery call. If you haven’t had a discovery call yet, I invite you to take one minute to message me and share that you want to a complimentary discovery session.


Let’s figure out what game you’re currently winning and if it’s not moving you towards your goals, let’s design a new game.


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