Why Certain People Exude Confidence…And How You Can Be Like Them

Are you ready to have the confidence you want and desire so you can live the life you dream.


Why am I talking about confidence?


That’s easy! People always want more confidence.


Why do people want to lose weight, be more focused, get organized, or overcome their bad habits?


So they will feel more confident!


What is confidence?


Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Basically it’s your belief in your ability to succeed.


How do I become more confident?


The beautiful about confidence is you can become more confident right this second. You don’t have to lose weight to be more confident. You don’t have to get a promotion to be more confident. You have the ability to be confident as you are…right now!


Here are three ways to increase your confidence NOW.


  1. Look at what you’ve already accomplished in life. You got up today…that’s an awesome accomplishment!


  1. Manage your self-talk. Tell your critter brain to be quiet and start start saying positive affirmations throughout the day.


  1. Set small goals. Accomplishing small goals  boasts your confidence and leads to accomplishing bigger goals.


Now what?


In my coaching practice I help clients overcome doubt and increase self-belief so they exude confidence. If you are ready for less fear and doubt and more confidence, click here now to schedule a time for us to talk.


Rise up and live!


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