The 1% Rule…Are you following it?

The 1% Rule…Are you following it?


Kelli here wondering if you know about the 1% rule and if you’re following it.


But first, why am I talking about the 1% rule?


As a kid getting a 1% on anything would have been detrimental. My teachers would have wondered what was wrong with me and my friends would have laughed at me.


Most of my school career I was striving for at least a 90%…well, except in those really hard classes. Then it was more like a 70%.


Most of us desire to be above average in one or more area of our life, but some days that can feel like pushing a boulder up a hill.  In fact, the bigger the goal, the harder it is.


So what is the 1% rule?


The 1% rule is living life 1% better today than yesterday.


Too often we get caught up in our big goals and want to propel from zero to 100 in a nano-second. This can leave us feeling frustrated and hopeless causing us to revert back to our old habits.


However, by following the 1% rule, you are making small daily steps towards your goal. You are making 1% progress each day.


Over a year that’s an increase of 365%!


Imagine on December 31st being 365% better than you were on January 1st?


How will I know if it’s time to start living by the 1% rule?


Great question! It’s time for you to start living by the 1% rule if you answer YES to any of the following goals.


  • Lose weight
  • Improve your health
  • Increase your daily movement
  • Get more sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Organize your space
  • Increase productivity


If you’re reading this today, May 1st, there’s 245 days remaining this year.


Where in your life would you like to see a 245% increase? Is it your health, de-cluttering your home, being more productive, adding daily movement, getting more sleep, or my favorite…decreasing stress?


What do I do now?


In my health and life coaching practice, I coach my clients through small habit changes that become lifelong habits. It becomes a way of life. I provide the system, support and accountability to make the 1% rule a part of their daily routine so they can lose weight, improve their health, gain energy, be more organized and less stressed.


If you’re ready to move forward click here now to schedule a Discovery Session with me to find out what 1% daily transformation looks like for you.


To your health!






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