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The 1% Rule…Are you following it?

The 1% Rule…Are you following it?   Kelli here wondering if you know about the 1% rule and if you’re following it.   But first, why am I talking about the 1% rule?   As a kid getting a 1% on anything would have been detrimental. My teachers would have wondered what was wrong with [...]

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Calming your Mind and Body

Kelli here to share with you two of my favorite and super easy ways to calm your body and mind throughout the day in order to make space for more energy!   But first, why am I talking about calming your body and mind?   We all want to have more energy right? We all [...]

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#1 Way to Decrease Stress WITHOUT Quitting Your Job

Kelli Risse here to talk about the S word…STRESS.   But first, why am I talking about stress AGAIN?   Stress affects you physically and emotionally. It can cause… Tension headaches Jaw clenching Nail Biting Difficulty sleeping Racing heart Digestive upset Stomach aches Pronounced belly weight gain High cholesterol High Blood pressure Erratic eating Fatigue [...]

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Strengthening Your Willpower

Kelli here to discuss the power of “I will,” also known as willpower.   But first, why am I talking about willpower? Willpower impacts all areas of our lives.   We rely on willpower to save money, exercise, diet, quit smoking or drinking, and to achieve our goals.   Most people admit they lack willpower [...]

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7 Tips for Deep Blissful Sleep

Do you crave More sleep? Better sleep? Deep blissful sleep?   Today I'm here to give you some sweet pillow talk about dreamland where we spend about one third of every day of our lives…   But first, why am I even talking about sleep when it’s something our bodies do naturally?   Actually, the [...]

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You’re A Winner!

You’re a winner!   Did you know people work perfectly to produce the results they’re getting? No one is broken!   Everyone is winning the game they’re playing.   And guess what? This might be a shocker, but there ‘s also no such thing as self-sabotage.  WHAT? There was a time in my life I [...]

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What Is a Health and Life Coach?

What is a health coach? Who needs one and why?   I’m Kelli Risse, certified health and life coach and owner of Rise Up and Live Wellness. Today I’m here to talk about what the heck is a health and life coach? I was with some friends this weekend and although they know I’m a [...]

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Mindful Eating for Better Health

Want to learn to eat mindfully?   I'm here to help you learn what mindful eating is all about and how it can help you keep your weight down.   But first, why am I talking about eating mindfully anyway?   Good question!   In the modern world, we eat for convenience rather than for [...]

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