Reduce your stress with gratitude

Stress is the number cause of health issues. It is the reason 75-90% of people go to the doctor.

Stress continues to weigh us down mentally, physically, and emotionally.

How do we change that?

I did a personal study on my own stress using this simple strategy. Guess what? IT WORKED!

I call it the Triple G – G for GRATITUDE.

  • Every morning I start my day by acknowledging three people/things/experiences I’m grateful for.
  • Every day I look for at least one opportunity to show gratitude to someone else.
  • Every night I end my day by acknowledging three people/things/experiences I grateful for that happened that day.

What we focus on grows. Turn your focus away from stress and towards gratitude.

If you need support and accountability expressing gratitude or reducing stress, that’s where I come in. Click HERE to schedule a time to talk with me about your stress.

I’ve helped tons of clients reduce stress and chances are very good I can help you, too.

Rise up and live!


Certified Master Coach

Founder, Rise Up and Live Wellness