My passion is helping yo-yo and lifelong dieters break free from diet culture and clear their minds from diet chatter, rules, and body shaming.

Feeling out-of-control around food leads to overeating, restrictive eating, and/or binge eating. Food has the ultimate power!

Coaching and helping women become mindful, instinctive eaters, takes all the power away from food. Food no longer rules our thoughts, time, and energy! We can finally be FREE!  

When we let go of control, we can get curious about why, when, how, and how much we eat. We can heal our relationship with food, honor our hunger and fullness, address our triggers head on, and be self-compassionate.

Let’s face it, our culture is obsessed with the “ideal” body, but at what cost?

When we step away from diet culture, we gain an abundant amount of mental, physical, and emotional energy!

Those countless hours once spent on tracking calories, macros, or points, over-exercising, body shaming, negative thoughts, and body checking in the mirror can be used for more important and exciting life activities.

The energy we gain can be used to fulfill our calling and life-long dreams!

If you’re ready to heal your relationship with food, rediscover how great your body is right now, and achieve optimal health in mind, body, heart, and spirit, schedule a Discovery Session today. It’s time to Rise Up and Live!

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As a Certified Health and Life Coach with a specialty in mindful eating, I support women in finding freedom from overeating and/or restrictive eating.

I use a non-diet, pro-lifestyle approach that focuses on forming a healthy relationship to food and body, without deprivation, restriction, guilt or shame. From this place, my clients have more energy for life, tools to manage stress, freedom from dieting, confidence in their own skin, a self-care practice and optimal well-being. They are able to make empowered decisions about their health and well-being while keeping their body, mind, heart, and spirit aligned with the life they desire.

I am extensively trained in the Transformational Coaching Method through Health Coach Institute. I work with private clients, groups and run online courses. Additionally, I lead workshops, classes and participate in panel discussion.




Discovery Coaching Session:

45-minute coaching session to uncover what’s stopping you, slowing you down, or preventing you from moving forward to a Total Transformation. Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan for your transformation.

Individual Coaching Sessions:

Weekly 50-minute coaching sessions tailored specifically to your individual health goals and challenges. Each session focuses on aligning mind, body, and spirit as transformation takes place. Curated information, support, accountability, action steps, and handouts will be provided during each session.

Group Coaching Sessions:

60-minute sessions which include a variety of health-related topics, as well as individual coaching. Group coaching allows individuals to learn and transform through their own coaching, as well as by observing others being coached. Curated information, support, accountability, action steps, and handouts will be provided during each session.  

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“During my 90-days with Kelli I discovered that eating is more than physical. It is emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. I ate emotionally. I thought it was a bad thing. In the weeks to come I came to enjoy everything about eating. I slowed down and enjoyed, even with cookies.
There was work involved. I had to dig down deep and find the truth of my eating habits. I did much soul-searching, roll-playing, laughing and crying. At times, I felt uncomfortable and stressed. That is okay, just breath. The answer is within you. Now, I have a new relationship with food.
Not only did the sessions help with food, I am learning to address each situation head on, feel the emotion, and move forward. I have forgiven myself for many past misconceived ideas. I am making a conscious decision to feel better about myself each day.”

– Maureen M.

“Going through the 90-Day Total Transformation program with Kelli as my coach was revolutionary and the most nourishing thing I have ever done for myself! Her unique approach to health and wellness was nothing like the other programs I’ve tried in the past. I thought as my coach she was just going to tell me what to eat, how much to eat, and how to drum up more willpower. What I got instead was much deeper and more significant to my overall life. Willpower was not needed to be successful.
In 90 days, I was able to lose weight, gain energy, develop a new perspective around food without restriction or a diet, gain confidence, start a self-care practice, increase my self-esteem, change my negative self-talk to positive self-talk, improve my relationship with my kids, and increase my self-worth.
I signed up with Kelli solely because I was desperate to lose weight and nothing else I had tried worked. Little did I know my life was going to be absolutely transformed during our time together! Kelli cared and listened, encouraged and supported, and made ME feel like I mattered and my life mattered. Working with Kelli is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I will forever be grateful to her for my TOTAL TRANSFORMATION!”

– Celisia




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