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Ready to Rise Up and Live Well? Schedule your complimentary 30-minute Address Your Stress Discovery Call with Kelli to uncover why stress is consuming your life, what you can do about it, and how to transform to live a peaceful, vibrant, healthy and happy life!

Addressing the mess of stress.

Before I understood how to manage my stress, I felt it coming from every angle of my life. I felt pressure to perform well at work, pressure to be a fabulous mother and wife, pressure to keep my health in check, and pressure to make time for a social life. What I didn’t realize was that trying to do it all resulted in my burning the candle at both ends. By reflecting on the various areas of your life through my Address Your Stress Coaching Program, you’ll learn where you are satisfied, where you can clear cutter, and which areas of your life deserve more nourishment.

In these one-on-one sessions, we’ll discuss how you can adopt a wellness mindset to cope with stress, reclaim time to do what you love, find your inner peace, and take back control to live the life you deserve. Sessions are by appointment, so I’ll work to schedule them at the time most convenient for you. Limited slots are available.

How it Works:

  • Individual Coaching: With personalized 1:1 sessions, we will do a deep-dive to discover what is causing you stress and determine the tools, methods, and mindset that will best help you find harmony, feel calm, and still kick butt at life!
  • Mindset Transformation: Too often, people equate relaxing with being lazy. But the truth is that relaxation and self-care are critical to living your best life – from your career to your health to your personal relationships. Learn how to reset your thought processes and give yourself permission to say “no” to some commitments in favor of taking time to relax and reset.
  • A Deeper Understanding of Stress: In order to manage your stress in healthy and productive ways, you need to understand where it comes from and how it’s holding you back. You’ll learn where stress comes from, how it effects your health, and how you can begin to invite harmony into your life.
  • Strategies to Overcome Stress: You will walk away with at least ten new strategies to manage your stress, from journaling to meditating and everything in between. These strategies will help you develop long-term habits that will lead to a happier, healthier life where you – not your stress – are in control. Get a jump start on managing your stress by downloading my Top 10 Secrets to Reduce Stress.

Ready to address your stress, rise up, and live well?
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My Experience Working

with Kelli Risse

“Kelli has been helping me work on myself for almost a year. I was first drawn to Kelli because I was living in what I call “overwhelm”. I was not focused, my boundaries were fluid, and I was stressed. I needed a life reset! Kelli helped me to be more focused on the things that are most important to me in my personal life and my business. AND the most amazing thing that has resulted in my weekly sessions with Kelli, is that I am now living out a reality that was a lifelong dream in my business. I had wanted to create an extension of my business for many, many years, but never allowed myself to move past the dreaming stage. Kelli helped me to move past my negative self-talk and lack of confidence in myself. She helped me move forward into making those dreams a reality.I’m grateful for Kelli look forward to many more dreams, action plans and the results of those two things coming together to create the life I want.”

-Christen P., Travel Agency Owner, Business Strategist, Wife, Mother

“As a new mom who passionately loves her career, I found it hard to prioritize work, family, and taking any time for myself. I would go from a serving heart all day at work, to pouring all I have left into my family, and by every evening I was more than running on fumes. Kelli helped take my overwhelming and drowning feelings, unpack them, and create a game plan that was manageable and achievable. Now I have time in my day for me, remain calm in stressful situations, have more energy, and am free from emotional stress that was weighing me down. Working with Kelli was incredible and life changing!”

-Amy W., Chiropractor, mom, wife

“Working with Kelli has allowed me to reset from a life consumed and controlled by stress to a life where I’m learning and growing every day. The small instrumental changes I’ve made are making a HUGE impact in my everyday life. I am healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Now, I am able to stay calm, manage stress in appropriate ways, be more productive, choose carefully what is worth my time and what is not, constantly complete routine tasks so my household runs more efficiently, and better care for my mind, body, and spirit. For years, my life felt like I would surface from insane stress, gasp for breath, and immediately be pulled back under into more stress. Now, I’m learning to swim with my head above water with a calm, steady and empowered stroke!”

-Amy R., Professional, mom, wife

“My breakthrough session was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Kelli’s demeanor, professionalism, and empathetic nature was so welcomed and appreciated. Her skillfulness of sitting one-on-one with me with only palpable love and her confidence in my ability to take the tools she was revealing to me and use them for my own good was so empowering. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and you want a proactive plan for growth in your life and/or your business, I would highly recommend this session.”

-Jeanette , Chiropractor, Caregiver

Rise up. Live well.

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